The Power Group

At Power we stay true to our vision to improve the quality of life in Africa through infrastructure development.

The Power Group is a supplier of civil, roads, building, turnkey housing, project management and property development services, which we deliver through the group companies – Power Construction and Power Developments.

Our strategic and operational goals are guided by our responsiveness to the ever-changing environment, delivery of quality engineering and a culture of empowerment, integrity and accountability.

Since 1983 we’ve been imprinting a footprint of sustainable infrastructure across all economic, social and geographic boundaries.

We connect people by building bridges, roads, airport runways and taxiways. We enhance lives by building schools, homes and medical facilities. We create recreational platforms by building film studios, luxury gold estates and shopping centres. We support the economy by building asset enhancing agricultural and commercial structures. We embrace the future by building energy infrastructure.

Through the “Unashamedly Ethical” initiative, Graham Power is now encouraging all who value ethical, honest and fair business practices to sign a pledge to be ethical in all their dealings and actions. (

Graham holds strong views on the effects of corruption: “Unless we eradicate systemic corruption, we cannot eradicate systemic poverty.”

Time itself does not change things. People change things – over time. Our initiatives spur actions. Actions that trigger events that shape the future: for ourselves and for those whose lives we have touched during the past quarter of a century. A time of great change. A time of commitment to fulfilling our purpose: To improve the quality of life in Africa through infrastructure development.

A culture of empowerment, integrity and accountability