The Power Group subscribes to the philosophy of continuous development and learning. Through formal training courses, learnerships, experiential training, workshops and on-going development and coaching, we seek to maximise our people’s potential. Knowledge sharing through skills transfer also forms an important part of our culture. Annually, we recruit a significant number of students either as bursary holders or as trainees on learnerships – 80% of these students come from previously disadvantaged communities.


The Power Group established an HIV/Aids programme, in February 2002. The programme aims to achieve three objectives: Firstly, that everyone should know their status; secondly, new infections must be avoided; and lastly, any person who tests positive should receive the needed treatment. We offer a comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS, ranging from prevention management programmes, employee awareness campaigns aimed at education and behaviour modification, to the provision of assistance and treatment to those who are affected and on-going health research.

Employee Wellness

We have implemented an Employee Wellness programme, providing employees and their families with assistance when they require help, with specific deliverables such as the prevention, identification and treatment of psychological or social problems.

The building blocks of the future