We take safety, health, environment and quality very seriously. Compliance to legislation, global standards and our value of “caring for people” means that we do not compromise on SHEQ.


We strive to ensure that our people are always safe by applying sound safety management principles and operating procedures. This combined with knowledge and accountability of safety issues ensures that our people know what to do to prevent accidents, or in the event of an unforeseeable incident, know how to react.


By minimising hazards or potential hazards in our business, we are able to ensure the health of our people. This is achieved through training and stringent operating practices, which adhere to environmental and legislative requirements.

Health & Safety Policy:

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for the well being of our employees and their families, through staff participation and ownership of health and safety responsibilities.
  • Ensure that the health and safety of the public and neighbouring communities is not compromised by our operations.
  • Meet corporate requirements by complying with health and safety laws and regulations, conducting business according to recognised standards for our type of industry, and committing the necessary resources.
  • Build and maintain a constructive relationship with regulatory authorities, meet all operating permit and licence obligations, and provide prompt advice on relevant issues.
  • Commit ourselves to sub-contractor health and safety during their tenure with us, and to enforce standards and procedures laid down by the use as a minimum code of conduct for sub-contractors and third parties.

The Power Group maintains a sound balance between resources, environmental care, social responsibility and profitability. Our corporate environmental policy formalises the value we place on caring for the environment. Key priorities include environmental management and educating our people. In line with our environmentally-friendly reputation, and informed by our experience with environmentally sensitive projects like Romans Baai in Gans Baai, Welgelegen in George and Wedgewood Golf Estate in Port Elizabeth, the Power Group is in the process of developing a formal environmental plan which will apply to each contract.

We are proud to produce work of high quality, within the programmed time, to standards greater than expected by our clients, consultants and communities. We embrace the principle of “first time right” and we produce products that are free of latent defects. We are committed to ongoing learning and will continuously improve our standards and work processes. In April 2011, we became ISO 9001 compliant to ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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