Job Creation has always been a priority for the Power Group. Our robust job creation initiatives have directly and indirectly provided jobs for tens of thousands of people, particularly as part of the many affordable housing projects we have completed successfully.

In line with our goal to create a diverse workforce, an Employment Equity Plan was compiled and we’ve made substantial progress in developing and implementing transparent human resources policies and practices. This includes the establishment of an Employment Equity Committee which represents  employees at different levels to monitor the progress and implementation of the Employment Equity Plan.

Our employment equity achievements include:

  • 25% of managers from previously disadvantaged communities
  • 77% of junior managers from previously disadvantaged communities
  • 86% of the permanent workforce from previously disadvantaged communities
  • 93% of the total workforce from previously disadvantaged communities
The Empowerment of Women

In what has traditionally been a man’s world, more and more women are entering the civil engineering, building services and construction industry. The empowerment of women is taken seriously at the Power Group and substantial progress has been made in diversifying the workforce.

Approximately 50% of the women employed are operational staff, working as engineers, technicians and surveyors, with the balance employed in services professions such as human resources, accounting, and administration. Women are also  at  board level.

Our BBBEE initiatives underscore our commitment to developing our nation’s people and to creating sustainable economic growth in the wider South African context.

BBBEE Grading

In 2018, the Power Group was awarded a level 1 contributor status. But our history of empowerment dates back before it became a legal requirement. Sibakhulu Construction, Nikamandla Construction and Khayalethu Projects are examples of the Power Group’s empowerment initiative – dating back to 1998.
One of the most visible demonstrations of the Power Group’s commitment to the upliftment and bettering of the lives of people has been the co-ownership offer extended in 2007 to all its employees who have more than five years or longer service. A deal which meant that every permanent staff member who has been with the Group for longer than five years can have a direct share in the profits of each year.

The building blocks of the future