Corporate governance is a fundamental aspect of the Power Group’s strategic and operational profile. It covers the roles and responsibilities of our Board of Directors, Executive Management and all employees. A commitment to good governance ensures that the correct checks and balances are in place to promote a culture of honesty, integrity, accountability and continuity.

Being ethical is the guiding principle for all governance

Our business practices are in line with relevant legislation and agreements. We believe that ethical behaviour will give us an inner peace, better quality of life and will contribute towards our long-term sustainability and growth.

Through our Ethics Committee and Performance Management System, regular and annual reviews are done to identify and address ethics issues.

Our Performance Management System includes dimensions such as leadership assessments, internal customer evaluations, external evaluations and culture and climate surveys.

Our Ethics Committee consists of employees from different disciplines and levels. As part of this we have established an ethics hotline with a whistle-blower facility. Clients, staff, suppliers and sub-contractors may utilise the hotline, with all incidents investigated by the Ethics Committee. Information sessions on the Hotline take place regularly, and information posters are displayed in all areas of the workplace.

Our group is committed to creating and maintaining an ethical working environment. You can help by reporting foul play by calling the following hotline numbers.

The Power ethics hotline telephone numbers:

Altus Rossouw: 021 907 1440 (Internal Auditor)
Bongani Mgayi: 021 907 1335 (isiXhosa-speaking Executive)
Elsa Simpson: 083 782 1249 (External Power Group Consultant)

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